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Guadalcanal: Sky, Sea, Jungle

This page is to organize and document my project to play a linked series of games as a short campaign covering the October 23-26 Battle of Henderson Field.

The campaign is intended to be played as a series of 5 games at a gaming convention, each one simulating a different aspect of the battle: on the sea, in the air, or in the jungles of Guadalcanal.

All games are meant to be played by 6-8 players, though the land game could be much bigger with the right GM.

  1. Sky
  2. Pacificon time slot: Friday PM
    GM: Ix

    Format: Aerial bombardment of Henderson Field
    Rules: Check Your 6
    IJN Forces
    15x G4M1 Betty
    3x A6M2 Zero per Japanese player
    US Forces
    2x or 4x Wildcat per American player (based on player experience)
    Campaign effects: Betty bombing runs reduce planes available for game #3, and Marines in game #4.

  3. Sea

  4. Pacificon time slot: Saturday AM
    GM: Steve Taylor

    Format: Night naval battle to bombard Henderson (Battle of Cape Esperance)
    Rules: General Quarters 3
    USN Forces

    CA San Francisco
    CA Salt Lake City
    CL Boise
    CL Helena
    DD Farenholt
    DD Duncan
    DD Laffey
    DD Buchanan
    DD McCalla
    IJN Forces
    CA Aoba
    CA Furutaka
    CA Kinugasa
    DD Fubuki
    DD Hatsuyuki
    Campaign effects: IJN CA shelling reduces Marines in game #4 and planes in game #3.

  5. Sky & Sea
  6. Format: Two games, run concurrently. Planes which leave the Sky game enter the Sea game for an attack run.

    1. Dawn Sky
    2. Pacificon time slot: Saturday PM
      Chuck Staedler

      Format: Aerial attack on Japanese transports at dawn
      Rules: Sky's the Limit
      IJN Forces
      4x Rufe (first 2 players)
      +2x Zeroes per extra player, up to undamaged number from game #1
      US Forces
      6x Dauntlesses, -1 Dauntless per successful Betty bombing run in game #1
      6x P-400s (first 2 players), -1 P-400 if more than 4 Betty bombing runs, -1 P-400 if IJN bombardment in game #2.
      +2x Wildcats per extra player, up to undamaged number from game #1

    3. Dawn Sea
    4. Pacificon time slot: Saturday PM
      Scott Wilson

      Format: PT boats intercept Japanese reinforcements at night
      Rules: Action Stations
      USN Forces
      2x PT boats per player
      Must have more players than IJN
      IJN Forces
      1x DD or DE per player
      6x barges
      Campaign effects: Each undamaged barge delivers 2 more units, each damaged barge 1 more unit to Japanese side in battle #4

  7. Jungle
  8. Pacificon time slot: Sunday AM

    Format: Land assault on Henderson Field
    Rules: TBD
    Specific OOB TBD, using these criteria:

    • Base OOB has US Marines & IJA evenly matched.
    • Marines suffer 1 damaged unit per successful Betty or naval bombardment (games #1 or #2)
    • IJA gets 1 extra unit per undamaged transport in game #3B, 1/2 unit per damaged transport in game #3B