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This section covers my Revolutionary War gaming.

I got into this period a bit sideways. In 2012 a friend was selling his painted 15mm Revolutionary War collection at a flea market. I didn't even know he owned them before I saw them. I had no interest in gaming this war and no knowledge of what AWI battlefields were like, but he made me a really good deal and I already had boxes of ACW terrain that would work, so on a whim I bought it.

The first rules I tried were Loose Files and American Scramble, originally published in Wargames Illustrated and now free on the Internet. As usual with Andy Callan's games, I loved some of his ideas, but felt like the game needed refinement. I didn't want the AWI to become a huge project, so I moved on.

I also tried Guns of Liberty, a simple but charismatic set of rules written by Eric Burgess. I liked these rules a lot, but I found the long lists of modifiers and some of the mechanics to be a bit on the clumsy side. That said, I'll play this game anytime someone else runs it, and I'll buy version 3 as soon as Eric publishes it.

I have mostly used the semi-official Regimental Fire & Fury AWI variant, because I like the elegance of the core mechanics, it works well enough, and I have a small cadre of players experienced with the RF&F system from which to recruit. I am still a bit unhappy with a few nits (Indians have little unique character, too many DRMs, etc.), so of course my work to fix these things is on-going.
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