Horse & Musket

This section covers my gaming in the classic black powder era, roughly 1700 to 1900.

I got into gaming this era when I was conscripted to play the Midnight Massacre at Historicon 2000, a hybrid miniatures/drinking game. I had so much fun I decided I liked the game system (Fire and Fury) and sometime shortly thereafter I bought a complete, painted, and ready-to-play 15mm Fire and Fury collection at a Pacificon flea market to get started. I have since added (many, many) miniatures and collected, constructed and crafted terrain for this period over the next decade or so. I enjoyed Fire and Fury as written, so I never modified it at all.

When Regimental Fire & Fury came out, I was ready to play, but it took over a year to get into my first game. Since then, I've really taken to RF&F and I play it a few times a year, though not as often as I'd like. The local gaming crowd finds RF&F to be a bit too detailed and overwrought, preferring simpler and faster games that can handle much larger forces on the table in a shorter time.

I like RF&F enough that when I (sort of accidentally) branched into gaming the American War of Independence, I settled on RF&F as the rules for that period too.

In September of 2015 I got involved in this TMP discussion about a "what if" war that loomed in real life - the US invasion of Mexico to kick out Napoleon III's French. I grew so fascinated by the color, variety, asymmetry of this potential conflict that I created a whole web site to help game the campaign, and began ordering 15mm FPW French and 1/1200 ironclad-era vessels to play out the battles. I once again settled on RF&F as the battle rules, but with quite a few modifications, reflected in the custom QRS.
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