I have a huge collection of 15mm Medieval miniatures, but I've never been very happy with the games for playing with them, so most are unpainted or half-painted.

I did write a 100 Years' War campaign for DBA 1.X, but I never played it. By now, it's far out of date, but I leave it here in case its of use as a resource, or just food for thought.

I wrote a complete card-based campaign game called The Age of Arthur for generating DBA miniatures battles in sub-Roman Britain. I ran this several times at conventions, and it was popular. However, this experience also convinced me that large multi-player games need a frontage-per-player of at least 1-2 feet (or more!) that small 15mm DBA stands can't fill, and that in large games I just plain dislike DBA's deliberately engineered-in geometry issues.

In 2012 I began writing my own Medieval rules, which I called Warlords. I don't necessarily think the world needs more Medieval miniatures rules, but I was unable to find any rules that used a Fire & Fury concept I thought was perfect for the Medieval period: building up armies with generic stands of troops. Medieval armies were a riot of individual styles and equipment choices, but warriors of the same background and fighting class would tend to wear very similar clothing styles and panoplies, so I wanted a game that would allow a single command stand with a unique banner and diorama of figures to become the centerpiece of a multi-stand unit filled out with generic troops of the appropriate type. While I was at it, I added rules to give these leaders unique personalities that would alter their individual performance on the field and also contribute to the flavor of a campaign. As yet, Warlords is in a pre-release state, completely untested and probably full of errors and omissions.

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I. Craig Nichols,
Oct 4, 2016, 8:12 PM
I. Craig Nichols,
Oct 4, 2016, 8:22 PM