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De Bellis Antiquitatis was the first miniatures game I played, and I continued playing it for over 15 years before I finally tired of the geometry problems and odd changes to the rules. I've tried the most recent version (DBA 3.0) and think it may address many of my concerns, but I just don't play ancients much these days, so I have almost no experience with it.

I've written several DBA campaigns:
    Syrian War, a 2-player piston campaign set in ancient Palestine to generate battles between the Seleucid and Ptolemaic DBA armies.

    The Iberian Campaign, an abstract 2-player Punic Wars campaign set in the Iberian Peninsula that opens with the invasion of the Scipio brothers in 218 BC.

    Duelling Republics, a one-day multi-player map campaign of the Second Punic War that puts all the players on two sides (Rome or Carthage) and gives them each an individual political faction that potentially could interfere with the nation's progress in the war. Each step of the game, a player must decide whether to reinforce an army in the field, enrich his own faction, or enhance his personal glory.
All of these used BBDBA (Big Battle De Bellis Antiquitatis). I originally had to write my own rules for this format, since the DBA version 1 rules were scant and insufficient, but using the DBA 2.2 or DBA 3.0 rules my changes are minimal.
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